16 Apr

The approaching headlight of my husband’s bike. Pitch black on last night’s ride. #30daysofbiking



14 Apr


This graphic from Pinterest/Pro Bike Roma caught my eye this morning.

As someone participating in the #30daysofbiking challenge (all except for day 1, April 1st – because I forgot – April fools on me!) for another year, and understanding how it serves to kick into high gear my biking season, I can only imagine how much my fitness, well-being, biking prowess, etc., would improve if my “season” ran 365 days!

As I was setting my goals for 2015 late last year, I thought about committing to riding every day but wimped out. Even when just considering the times when I’m away, with no bike available, I knew it was highly unlikely I could ride every single day. I wish I’d said “so what”. Even if I was successful only 90% or 75% or even 50% of the time I would be way ahead of where I am now.

Which leads me to think, suppose I just continue my April 30 days of biking challenge to May, and maybe June or God help me through December?! I know I wouldn’t ride every single day, but how about a year when I rode more days than I didn’t.

Sounds like a good year!

Anyone There?

11 Apr

I haven’t been around much lately. I’m still riding, just not writing or posting much here.

Although my love of biking hasn’t waned, my love of blogging has.

Blogging has often seemed too much like talking to myself and not enough like hanging out with other people who love cycling. For the Love of Bikes has never enjoyed a big readership but we did have loyal, regular readers. I would guess most have moved on. Hopefully not all – anyone there?

I plan to change that this year and we’re entering in to the prime time for bike riding so here I am: recommitting myself to riding and writing.

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1 Jan

Bike Your Life

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