30 Days of Biking-Day 2

2 Apr

Everything yesterday was, today wasn’t. Yesterday was sunny and warm, today was rainy and cold with gusty north winds.

I also managed to pick the time when it started raining the hardest, along with a little thunder for special effect.

I didn’t ride far, or for long, but I rode. Most importantly – I had fun. I’m pedaling down the road, with the rain pelting me and I’m cold — but I’m smiling! I never seem to remember how much fun riding in dismal weather is or I’d do it more often. Seriously, it’s fun! There’s something about being out there when it’s cold, gray and wet that’s thrilling and invigorating. It happened on our rides in Denver last year too. It was cold and rainy and I was sick, but we rode everyday and it was a blast!

I would never have ridden today if it wasn’t for my pledge to ride every day, so thank you 30daysofbiking.



Beginning of the ride it was only sprinkling



An accidental shot –





Raincoat and all


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