30 Days of Biking–Day 10

10 Apr

The past 24 hours has been bizarre weather wise. Yesterday’s high was 84 and today it barely made it over 34 (36 to be exact).


Yesterday’s ride was warm, in shorts and t-shirt. Today’s ride was in sweatshirt, jacket, stocking cap, gloves and I was still cold! I didn’t realize how cold I would feel when I took this shot as I was heading out or I wouldn’t have been smiling.


20130410_114810This morning we had freezing rain which coated the trees and everything else in ice. The freezing rain continued until about 2pm, but the sun didn’t come out until it was time for it to set.

Only 2.7 miles riding in the cold, dodging ice falling from trees.




Just me and the goose out tonight



Beautiful sky and sunset

Once again, regardless of the weather I find every ride joyful. You can’t ask for more than that.


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