30 Days of Biking–Day 16

16 Apr

Today’s ride was a night ride – and if unlike me you ride quite a bit at night than you also know of the fun I’ve been missing! Why didn’t you tell me!

I was able to ride tonight because I finally got a headlight for my bike (already have taillight which I use every ride). Normally before I buy bike stuff I research options and then in a week or so I make a decision and purchase. I wanted to get it fast so I bought a basic no frills – did I mention CHEAP – light. The Bell Dawn Patrol was (and still is) $8.44 from Amazon and is worth that and then some. At least to a night riding novice like me for neighborhood riding. If you’re commuting or riding many miles or on busy roads you’re probably going to want something brighter I guess. For me, this light worked great.




I haven’t ridden at night since our Denver bike trip and I loved it. There’s something even more fun about cycling when it’s dark. Less traffic – and in many ways greater visibility of you to motorists.

Mark joined me tonight and we had a blast on our quick ride of just over 5 miles. We stuck to quiet streets and a paved trail through the woods. So cool and fun, can’t wait for the next!



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