30 Days of Biking–Day 18

18 Apr


Today was COLD and WINDY! I hate to shout but it was brutal out there. Wind 30+mph and real temp in the low 40’s. It doesn’t look cold in the picture, but it was. Wind chill was 33 which means on the bike wind chill was COLD! Worst weather for riding so far this month. Hope that holds.

This is what the wind was like, notice the scowl.


Today’s ride was only about 2 miles – pitiful but, well, it was very cold and windy ya know.

Still, technically speaking I’m 18 for 18.

Anyone else doing 30daysofbiking?

P.S. I just looked at some #30daysofbiking photos on Twitter where people biked in snow and ice, so…. never mind about our weather here…


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