30 Days of Biking–Day 4

4 Apr

Day 4 of the 30 Days of Biking challenge brought a day of sunshine and white puffy clouds, along with cool temperatures.


Today I rode Condor to the hair salon and grocery store then home again, taking the long way back. I like running errands on my bike and especially in street clothes. I love encountering the friendly drivers – you go first, no you, after all you’re riding a bike. Waves, smiles and courteous behavior from all concerned. I love rides like this and wonder why they all can’t be.




Cool reflection of a similarly cool cyclist, eh. Laughing out loud

I rode to the same grocery that I was returning from when I got *the ticket* last year. I thought about testing out the new affirmative defense law, but it was such a pleasant and peaceful day, I thought “nah”, let’s not.

I rode by the municipal court building where I was able to get the fine waived for said ticket.

I waited at the light where said offense occurred. Notice the sign stating that bicycles should use the crosswalk – if that big black arrow had been there last year I would have seen it!



Day 4 mileage was just under 11 miles.


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