30 Days of Biking–Day 7

7 Apr

I finished out the first week of 30 Days of Biking with a ride to Sprouts market. If I take a direct route, the store is less than 7 miles round trip. It’s sort of ridiculous that I don’t do it more often on my bike. Obviously one reason, the main reason, is panniers don’t hold much in the way of groceries. Still, for just a few items it’s the way to go. Besides today Mark went with me so we had 4 panniers to carry stuff.

One of the best things about an event like 30 Days of Biking is I end up biking more frequently than normal. Maybe not more miles, but more rides. Since I must ride at least once a day, it forces me to figure out ways to incorporate a ride into my day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do training or fitness rides every day. I do however, go out to run errands, etc., some of which I can do on my bike.

Sundays are my favorite day to ride, likely yours too. Fewer people on the roads is always welcome and in these parts – especially during church hours – the roads are pretty empty. We had planned a Jones ride today, but with the windy and overall yuck weather – looks like it’s just going to be the grocery store run for us today.

Pictures from Day 7:



Only down side of no vehicles is there’s no one to trip the light so must go onto the crosswalk…



A lovely old building on the campus of UCO.



My lovely, not so old *steel is real* bike.




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