30 Days of Biking–Day 8

8 Apr

I waited until just before dark to ride. Mostly because of the atrocious wind, but also because of how I was feeling after a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I didn’t want to ride, put it off as long as I could really.

So off I go to on my “have to” ride because of my pledge to ride every day in April. I expected it to be maybe not miserable – because no time on the bike is miserable – but not fun or enjoyable.

It was actually fun and beyond enjoyable. Really the word that best describes tonight’s ride is magical. The sky was blue and orange, the air moved between very still and very gusty, and only a handful of us were out. Two boys fishing, several playing basketball, a couple of women walking and me. We knew what the people in their homes looking outside didn’t know – what I hadn’t known 5 minutes before: It wasn’t only not bad outside, it was perfect. An evening in the spring, at that magical time – twilight.

One of those rides I didn’t want to start, yet once I was riding, didn’t want to stop.

Again, I’m reminded that there are times when a ride doesn’t seem right or fun or sensible, but that’s precisely when some of the best rides happen.

Pictures from my 8th ride in April:


Day 8: 3 miles


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