30 Days of Biking–Day 9

9 Apr

Day 9’s ride was a pleasure ride, albeit a windy and muggy one. Today’s high is in the mid-80’s, tomorrows high will be in the mid-40’s with a likelihood (if you believe the forecasters) of freezing rain. Could make tomorrow’s ride very interesting.

I didn’t ride anywhere in particular and it wasn’t a training or fitness ride, just a fun time on the bike – except for the wind.

I did use LiveTrack on my new Garmin 510 so Mark could see where I was during the ride. Cool technology. We’re going to California in a couple of weeks and I plan to do some LiveTrack rides while we’re there. I’ll post the ride map and data here for each day as soon as I’m able.

Day 9: 6.3 miles/36:45

Photos from Day 9:




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