A Hollywood Moment

6 Jan

Turns out LeBron James isn’t the only NBA star who rides a bike.

Mark and I were out riding to the east today when a large black SUV pulled alongside, windows down. When I looked to see what was going on (they weren’t passing us) there were two guys with large professional type cameras taking pictures of us! I grinned and then hoped I didn’t have dried snot on my face! It was cold – and well if you ride you know what happens with the cold. We can only hope my face (the little bit showing) was clean.

A camera taking pictures while out riding was a first to say the least. A car passing you slowly puts you on alert – for something being thrown, obscenities yelled – never a camera taking pictures of you pedaling.

A couple of miles further down the road, the crew was all standing in the middle of the intersection snapping away. We stopped and talked with them for a bit; turns out they’re from LA working on a Degree deodorant commercial with Kevin Durant bicycling and apparently they were out today scouting locations. KD wasn’t around, it would be hard to miss him on a bike!

You never know what you’re going to see when you’re riding. =)

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