A Small World~

16 Jun

About two weeks ago I wrote a blog post on our bike ride on the Katy Trail in Missouri, Susan & Mark’s KT Adventure.

I posted it on a couple of bike related sites I frequent, plus recently it was picked up by Bike Katy Trail and posted on their website as the most recent Ride Report. 

I am blown away by the traffic that has been generated from these site’s links to my post!  People from all over the U.S. plus, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, Germany, England, Russia, Egypt and other places I can’t spell, have visited.   ***Since writing this post add – Iran, Thailand, Philippines and not a country but the DOJ. Ugh-oh hope they didn’t see the Obama posts.

The internet does indeed make the world a smaller place. 

People that love to ride bikes love to read about other people riding bikes.  I know I do.

It makes me feel a part of the larger biking community. 

I love that.

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