23 Aug

Next month I will be 56 years old and I don’t feel my age.  That’s a good thing – I’m definitely not complaining.

Which leads me to wonder how many people really do feel their age. 

I may actually feel younger now than I did when I was, well, younger – like in my late 20’s and 30’s.

The people I know that are around age 70 or older, don’t seem to me to be “that old” – i.e., what those of us that are younger think of.  They are vibrant, engaged, sharp, funny, interesting… definitely, not old.

Conversely, people in their 20’s or 30’s may feel/act “old” or heavy with the many demands in their lives.

The older our bodies get, maybe the younger (lighter) our soul and heart gets?

I know this – when I look in the mirror sometimes I’m surprised at how old I look.  I don’t mean that I look old for my age, just that I don’t feel the age I look.

Again, not a problem, in fact it’s great.  Hope it continues.

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