Tulsa Tough

5 Jun

ride_gf1_previewNext weekend we’re riding the Tulsa Tough Gran Fondo – the Medio Fondo (100k) Saturday and the “slightly milder” 50 km Piccolo Fondo II on Sunday. 

I’ve ridden 123 miles this week including two 40 mile rides and will now ease off to be ready for Saturday – hope it’s enough. 

Any Tulsa Tough-ers out there?

Sounds like it is quite the event, 3 days of racing including some pro teams, the tour rides on Saturday and Sunday and a townie ride on Sunday.  I’ve read it’s a festival atmosphere with music, food and drink – sounds fun!

Every time I start to think I’m physically ready for the two day ride, I remember their motto:

“They don’t call it the Tulsa Tough for nothing.”

Oh boy…

I don't know smile

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