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1 Jan

Bike Your Life


19 Oct

I would love to live in an area with autumn color like this:

autumn-park-leaves-1680x1050royalty free

Looks like northeast Ohio


Instead, the fall color here usually amounts to this:



On the positive side, all leaves are nice to ride through, especially as they are falling. Doesn’t it make you feel great when you’re riding and leaves are falling all around you? Magical feeling, reminds me of riding as a kid – I love it!

Our leaves here are just starting to turn, although a few have changed color and fallen. I managed to find some to ride through this morning. Made me very happy… it’s the little things.

P.S. I wore my contacts!


A Mr. Magoo Kind of Day

18 Oct

Today was one of the stranger days I’ve had biking. 
Somehow I managed to leave the house today without my contacts in! I’m very nearsighted too. No contacts, no glasses = I can’t see much past the nose on my face.
You might wonder how this happened.
Several months ago I switched to daily contacts where I toss them at the end of the day and put a new pair in the next morning. Some days I don’t bother, like when I’m reading or doing computer work like today because my reading/computer vision is best with no correction. Or other times I just wear my glasses.
I always wear glasses or contacts when driving – and until today when cycling.
When I realized I wasn’t wearing my contacts, not wanting to take the time to go home and get them, (didn’t think it would be a problem) I just pedaled on. Of course I should have gone back because not surprisingly I had trouble seeing once I was actually riding – not cars, I could see those fine, but watching for cracks in pavement, potholes, etc., especially in the shadows, was very difficult.
And when you can’t see well it slows you down, screws with your balance, gives you a headache from eye strain and makes your bike quit shifting!
Okay the last thing is unrelated, but it did happen and provided just another sign to call it a day.
So after covering half the distance of my planned ride I heeded those signs and turned around and headed back.
I felt like Mr. Magoo on a bike.


Share the Road II

17 Oct


share the road notTime for the sequel to Share the Road.

In fact – it is way past time.

Most drivers now recognize, begrudgingly though it may be for some, that they have to share the roads with bicycles.

They understand that bikes, like cars, trucks, and motorcycles, also have a legal right to the road. They may not like it, but they get it. 

From that standpoint, Share the Road has done its job. Let’s give it up to Share the Road (mild applause).

Now it’s time to move on to a higher level of bicycle signage – the thinking person’s bike signage.

Time to replace all the Share the Road signage with “Must Change lanes to Pass” and “May use Full Lane”.

In fact it is way past time don’t you think.


May Use Full Lane Change Lanes to Pass

May Use Full Lane
Change Lanes to Pass

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