Autumn Riding

6 Oct

Autumn is the best time of year to bike, at least in Oklahoma – and I would imagine, in most places.

The winds are lighter, the weather is less stormy and one of my favorite things – the sunlight has a golden hue.

I refer to it as Tuscan sunlight because it reminds me of the sunlit villages in Tuscany when we were there several years ago. 

Cetona, Italy
I loved the way the sunlight lit up everything – with warmth, not harshness. 

This time of year in Oklahoma is as close as we get to that.  It’s truly beautiful and something I appreciate and try to take advantage of before the harsher weather of winter is here. 
We rode out in the country today, with very little traffic.  It was peaceful and pleasant – a great way to spend an autumn day.
Nathaniel Hawthorne on Autumn


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