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13 Dec

If you’ve spent much time here than you know I’m always interested in people’s stories on how they got started biking and on what cycling does for them.

Here’s a story that any bike lover will love, plus the ending will make you laugh out loud (follow the link to read the entire article):

Why I Love My Bicycle

By Paul Townsend

A Zen Buddhist Master saw his students riding their bicycles and asked them, “Why do you ride your bikes?”

“I ride it for my health and exercise.” one said trying to impress his master.

“Ah … then you will live to an old age.” the master said.

“I return from the market and use it to carry my load.” said another student.

“Ah… then you will not have a crooked back like me in your old age.” said the master

“I ride my bike to ride my bike.” said the other.

“Ah… I am your student!” the master replied.


“Why do you ride your bike?”, I’ve been asked many times. I suppose there are a a dozen reasons and answers to that. I’m sure exercise and fun would be the most common. The latter I’d totally agree to, the former not. If it was exercise I wanted, I’d spent a grand on a membership and get my workout in a nice climate controlled environment, but I’d miss out on a lot of sunrises,sunsets, and wildlife.

Read the rest of the story here.

One Response to “Bike Love”

  1. Brian December 14, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    Ha! I wasn’t expecting the punchline at the end. Good article.

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