Bike/Walk Programs in Trouble

1 Feb


If you care about bicycling, or walking in your community for that matter, you need to take action – NOW.

Dedicated funding for bicycling and walking programs is eliminated completely in the new Transportation funding bill, American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act,  currently in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The time to act is now:

If one of your representatives is on the Committee (Oklahoma Representative James Lankford is) please contact them immediately. An easy way to do that has been provided here by the League of American Bicyclists.

To find out if your congressman is on the transportation committee go here and follow the process using your zip code. Even if your rep is not on the committee you should still contact them to voice your support.

The committee votes tomorrow, Thursday February 2, 2012. Yep, on Groundhog Day. That’s not a coincidence is it.

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