Biking around the Earth

27 Nov

If you’ve managed to log at least 24,901 miles biking, you’ve covered the circumference of our little planet.

I never thought of it when I crossed the 25,000 mile threshold of miles biked, but this guy did and made it a goal.

Michael Marley has been cycling for nearly half a century. In that time, he’s racked up thousands of miles – more than 24,901.55 miles, to be exact.

Michael Marley, of Dallas, has completed his goal of cycling the circumference of the Earth or 24,901.55 miles. Marley started logging miles in 1992.

Marley, 51, of Dallas Township, recently accomplished a goal he has been working on for nearly 20 years – to bicycle the circumference of Earth in cumulative miles.

While he began to log his miles in a journal in 1992, it wasn’t until Marley turned 43 that he set his lofty goal.

“I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I’m getting old,’” he said. “I already had logged about 11,000 miles by then, and I asked myself how much longer could I bike, how do I conclude this?”

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