Campy Chorus

25 Feb

So, most women would only be as excited as I am right now over jewelry or something similar. What has me so excited? You guessed it – bike stuff!

I’m upgrading from a triple to compact double, and from Campagnolo Centaur to Chorus gruppo on my lovely Scott CR1 Pro. I’ve wanted a compact double since riding one in California, and who wouldn’t want Chorus over the good, but lower end (and 2005) Centaur.

Today I took my bike into my LBS, Al’s Bicycles, to get a tune-up and overall check-up to see if anything needed repair. I have upwards of 15,000 miles on my bike with only the chain having been replaced so I knew it was likely something would. I love my Scott, the frame is still solid so I don’t really need a new bike nor do I even want one – road bike that is. A “city “ type bike is another story.

Anyway, after checking it out it was determined my cassette, chain and middle chain ring all needed replacing. My husband suggested why not take the opportunity to switch to a compact double and the idea was born.  Al’s figured it out and ran the numbers for me, offered me a nice discount and now Rocket’s new parts are on order.

I feel good about doing it, upgrades are cheaper than new bikes, and I doubt I would find a comparable frame any more comfortable or responsive than my Scott. I’ve put enough miles on her to warrant it too. I’m expecting there to be a significant improvement in performance – I hope I’m not disappointed.

This is what I’m getting, Campagnolo Chorus 11 (love the finish, should look great with my frame):



And this is how excited I am:


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