Country Roads

13 Oct


We took a ride east yesterday at an easy pace and just enjoyed the weather and the views.

When you are on a bike you see everything.

You talk to a lot of it too – cows, horses, a rabbit.  You stop to take pictures of things you wouldn’t even notice in a car, much less want a picture of.

Like this grass – which I thought was beautiful.



Not to mention the beautiful blue sky.



Leaves that haven’t turned are on the ground – if you’re lucky they fall around you as you’re riding by.  I love that – raining leaves.  We had such a hot and dry summer I’m afraid we may be seeing all the fall foliage we are going to get.




At least we still get the other parts of autumn – cooler temps and beautiful sunlight and that sky.

Maybe the sky always looks like this, but here in the heat belt, the sun is so hot and BRIGHT for so many months you actually can’t look up at the sky until mid-late September.




The grasses, like buffalo grass and the native grasses that grow along the roads, also change color.  The color change is more subtle, but it’s there.  At least to my eye.



2 Responses to “Country Roads”

  1. The Velo Hobo October 14, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    All the more reason to ride a bike slowly. Like a walking meditation, mindfully taking one step, or pedal stroke with each breath. Fall is such a great time of year. The colors here in the mountains of NC are at their peak.

    Great post, (made me wish I was on my bike) Jack

  2. Susan October 14, 2010 at 11:11 pm #

    Thanks Jack, you make a good point about biking slowly and you describe the aspect of biking that I love the most. It is meditative, soothing, and just elemental – or that’s how it feels. That ride was like that. Thanks too for the complement, I can think of nothing better than for something I wrote to make someone want to ride.

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