Daily Biking Challenge

4 May



Transitioning from April to May means moving from the 30 Days of Biking Challenge to the National Bike Challenge.

The National Bike Challenge runs from May 1st through September 30th every year and is designed to encourage people to bike by People for Bikes. The idea is to get more people on bikes and encourage them through contests and activities. You can participate in the challenge and log your miles on the website.

Anything that gets people riding bikes is a good thing and worth supporting. For me personally it’s good as it gives me another platform or structure to continue with my daily biking challenge.

Since I began last month, April 2nd, I have ridden every day, about 300 miles worth. Things are going to get trickier later this week as I will be out-of-town and have no bike to ride. The place I’m visiting has an exercise bike so if worse comes to worse I can ride that I suppose, or possibly rent or borrow a bike. Anything to get my hands on a bike for a daily ride – short of stealing. Just so you know, I have my limits.


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