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As the name implies, For the Love of Bikes stems from a passion for cycling and bikes. I thought the name sounded better than “passionate as hell about cycling and bikes”. Anyway, like many of you I practically lived on a bike during childhood. When I wasn’t on a bike I was on roller-skates. Seriously, I walked very little before high school.

My reliance on two wheels followed me to college, not having a car initially I biked to campus and work. Biking actually wasn’t that prevalent when I was in college (the hazy 70’s), not like it is today. I loved riding a bike, mostly for that unparalleled sense of freedom and joy you get from cycling.

Once adulthood set in – parenthood and full-time work – I put away my bike for the most part. I still had her, my college bike – a Sears Free Spirit – but I rode very little. Fortunately, when my daughter got a new bike for her birthday I decided to buy one for myself later that year for my birthday so we could ride together. My love of bikes and riding was renewed then and it hasn’t stopped. My friends and family might tell you it’s only gotten worse and they might be right. That love of biking has stayed constant throughout most of my life for that matter. I have memories of when I was very young riding my older brothers’ “boy’s” bike – which was way too big for me but I rode it anyway. I remember getting “my” first bike when I was about 10 – a blue metallic “girls” bike – my size, hallelujah! I got it for Christmas – my brothers and sister got bikes too (my dad must have had a very good week playing poker).

I loved the freedom of riding then and I love it still. In the 20+ years since rediscovering my love of cycling, I’ve stayed with it. I haven’t had to “make” myself stay with it (like I’ve had to with running), riding is self-perpetuating and I think it will always be that way for me. Even In 1995 when I was hit by a car I didn’t lose that love of riding, a few weeks after the accident I was back on the bike. Scared and guarded, but riding. Riding a bike is a core part of who I am and I expect it always will be.

I truly love just about everything that goes with riding a bike – and that love eventually led me here – writing about riding. And, while I don’t enjoy writing as much as riding, I do enjoy and have fun with it. I write about our bike tours, advocacy efforts, rider rights/responsibilities, local (central Oklahoma) rides and issues, training, commuting, triathlons, daily posts of the Tour de France (although I’m pretty fed up with racing at the moment), post photos and videos, plus an occasional rant.

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