KATY Trail 2011

Another bike ride across the KATY Trail in Missouri.  We did this trip a little differently, we utilized Amtrak to get back to our car in Sedalia (picked up the train in Hermann). It was another great ride, 53 weeks after our last.

Below is an excerpt from each day’s blog while on the KATY, I was able to upload via a WordPress Android app.  To read the full post click on the title link.  There are pictures in each post.

If you have ridden the KATY please comment on your experience or if you plan to ride.  Always, if you have questions just ask.  Thanks for reading.

KATY Trail 2011 Photo Album


KATY Trail 2011 – Day 1 (Sedalia to Boonville):

Riding on crushed limestone with 22 pounds of gear on the bike isn’t easy – enjoyable and fun – yes – but difficult riding and tiring.  My piriformis muscle and IT band have complained all day.  I had the piriformis pain before the ride, but the pedaling is definitely aggravating it.

The trail is softer than last year, probably because of recent rains, and more difficult to handle with a loaded bike.  I expected it to be harder going carrying our “stuff” but it was actually tougher than expected.

KATY Trail 2011 – Day 2 (Boonville to Hartsburg):

When we got to the Globe Hotel where we’ re staying tonight, a group of guys (and one woman) on day 2 of a 2700 mile bike tour helped him MacGyver it so he’s all set for tomorrow. Tomorrow we ride to McKittrick, about the same mileage as today.

Today’s ride began in Boonville and ended in Hartsburg, via Columbia, for a total of 54 miles. Words can’t do the Katy justice so I’ll close with pictures and a video to give you an idea of the sights and sounds of the KATY Trail.

KATY Trail 2011 – Day 3 (Hartsburg to McKittrick):

This section of the trail is one of the prettiest – heavily treed – tall bluffs on the left and the mighty wide Missouri river on the right.

We stopped frequently to take pictures as we took in all the sights and sounds of the trail and beyond. Words and pictures fall short – dark and pristine woods – lots of birds and a heavy canopy over much of the trail.

KATY Trail 2011 – Day 4 (McKittrick to Augusta):

Today was the kind of day on the bike that pushes you beyond your usual limits. This is not a day I would have chosen to ride – but ride we did.

And right now I’m glad we did. Even during the ride/slog I knew I would finish the ride out, although we could have called for a shuttle and if it had been lightening we would have.

KATY Trail 2011 – Day 5 (Augusta to Hermann):

We pedaled for 3.5 hours total today,  basically the same distance in the rain yesterday took us 4.5 hours. The difference was the trail surface – it had been like quick sand in many places the day before primarily due to the weight load from our bags we carried on the bikes – and the aforementioned glorious tailwind.

The still fresh memory of yesterday’s slog motivated us to get to Hermann before the storm hit in the afternoon. Once we got close to the McKittrick trail head we did slow up to savor the last miles on the trail. They were some of the prettiest miles, river on one side – bluffs on the other – and a dense canopy of trees overhead

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