Flint Hills Nature Trail

1 Jun

Kansas Cyclist posted recently on their FB page about an area of Kansas that sounds like nice bicycling.


KC noted, "…there are already thousands of miles of gravel roads throughout the Flint Hills (and over 100,000 miles across the state) that are perfect for bicycling — remote, scenic, and almost no traffic. Get out and explore!"

From the Flint Hills Nature Trail website: 

The Flint Hills Nature Trail is a 117 mile rail-trail in northeast Kansas. It crosses 7 counties along its east-west course. As the name implies, it crosses the beautiful Flint Hills.  This area is one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie ecosystems in the world.  It is home to abundant prairie wildlife species, spectacular views, national historic sites, recreational areas, and good home folks.  It is also recognized as a region of cultural importance. 

When I asked for more information he provided the following links, looks like a beautiful and remote place to visit by bike – check it out:

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