For the Love of Leaves

30 Nov

Not really.2011-11-30 16.24.51

My afternoon was spent dealing with leaves rather than taking the bike ride I had planned. I’m not complaining, raking leaves on a day like today isn’t a bad way to enjoy it. The sun was shining and illuminating the grass, the birds were singing. It actually was pretty nice.

Must admit though it’s never occurred to me that a perfect fall day for biking might be a perfect fall day for raking leaves. Turns out it (sort of) is.

Getting the leaves off the grass isn’t something we typically rush to do, but we had beaucoup work done earlier this year (pictures) to take care of major erosion from an 11 inch rain we had in 2010. (Drought in 2011, monsoon in 2010. That’s Oklahoma for you.)

Anyway, with all the blood, sweat and bucks we put into repairing it, including getting  fescue grass to grow, it was important to get the leaves off of the fescue so it wouldn’t die back over the winter. We actually had to have a little patch work done today because of a heavy rain we had a month or so ago (feast or famine with rainfall) and new erosion it created. They laid new matting to hopefully prevent any future problems.

2011-11-30 16.20.582011-11-30 16.22.10

One thing I know is when the first snowfall of any substance happens, I’ll be using our new bobsled course. The curves, the gradual slope – I can’t wait!

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