FTLOB in 2011

4 Jan

mmm_beautifulrideFor the Love of Bikes blog came into being in November 2009 which puts me in my 3rd year of blogging about my infatuation with bikes and my passion for riding.

Who knew there was still stuff to say?

In 2011 I published 119 posts and authored all but 2. I haven’t compared them but I think the number of posts is up from 2010. It’s possible I get more verbose the older I get. I’ll have to ask my husband and daughter, bet they have an opinion on that.

According to WordPress stats, FTLOB website logged 17,000 hits. The most popular post continues to be the first Katy Trail trip report. The 2nd most popular post is Memorial Day Memory.

What was that? You want to know my favorite posts from 2011?

Since you asked, my favorites in no particular order:



*Image was not created by FTLOB, only loved and shared.

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