Good Signs

22 Oct

We have signs that bicycling in Oklahoma City is getting better.

Hopefully, getting safer too.


As I posted earlier in “Use Full Lane” there are plans underway to mark 70 miles of designated bike route in Oklahoma City with signage to include the standard green “bike route” signs, sharrows – in the street bike/arrow painted signs, and most impressive – alerting motorists (and cyclists) for cyclists to “use full lane” and for drivers to change lanes to pass cyclists.

These signs are along Hefner Road, just east of the Hefner Parkway.


In light of the news that another cyclist was hit this past Wednesday in Oklahoma City, these signs bring hope to cyclists and their loved ones that roads in Oklahoma City will become safer for those riding bikes.

Part of our struggle has always been to make drivers aware that cyclists have a legal right to be on the road – these signs clearly make that point.  As cyclists, we need to do our part and follow the laws of the road as specified in Oklahoma, which also can only help to ensure our safety.

Adding this signage to designate various bike routes is a significant step toward making Oklahoma City more bikeable.


2 Responses to “Good Signs”

  1. John October 23, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    My area is very bike friendly. Although we are allowed to take the full lane, very few bikes do it because the right hand lane is four feet wider than the other lanes. This bike share design has been on the books in many Mass. towns for years.

    I understand that a variance has to be applied for to make the right most lane the normal width, and that most are declined.

    • Susan October 23, 2010 at 2:36 pm #


      We have a long way to go, I would love to have the type of network your area has. What a difference a 4 foot wider right lane would make. Drivers and cyclists alike would be happy and those of us on bikes would be so much safer. With streets like that I can see why bike riders in your area don’t do use the full lane because it simply isn’t needed.

      Thanks for the info, as we continue to advocate for safer bicycling in our area, it’s good to know and point out to our local officials the good practices of other cities/towns.

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