Happy 2012!

3 Jan

imagesI’ve been a little under the weather, but hopefully will feel good enough to take advantage of the warm temps later in the week. Take advantage on 2 wheels that is.

I closed out 2011 by taking a short ride which put me over the 3,000 mile mark in total miles (indoor and actual rides – 616 and 2,391 respectively), 3007 to be exact. My mileage goal for 2011 in actual rides was 2150; I didn’t have a specific mileage goal for indoor training in 2011 but I do for 2012.

As I’ve previously mentioned I make resolutions/goals in biking and other areas. Overall I had 8 resolutions/goals in 2011, I completed or surpassed my goal in 4 of the 8; made a passable grade in another 3 more and failed miserably in one.

Not bad, at least I graduated to 2012!

My mileage goals for 2012 are:

3,200 miles biking – 2400 outdoor/800 indoor

90 miles running

60 miles swimming

I want to compete in the Redman Triathlon again and 2 other triathlon events – sprints or olympic distance. I haven’t been swimming since October but I want to get back to it. I enjoy it and like the physical benefits too. The running I “want” to do because there are few aquabike events, which means if I want to do triathlons I have to be able to do all 3 events. I’m not sure that I want to do anything other than Redman, I’ll have to see.

I would like 2012 to be the year I get the century monkey off my back. I’m sort of exaggerating because I’ve never felt that a century was something I had to accomplish, but I’ve never done one (been as close as 98 miles but wasn’t an official century – it was a 98 mile day of a 2 day MS 150 ride), so I think I need to check it off my list. How can I have a bike blog and never have done a century? Don’t tell anyone that I’m operating here without it, please. Thanks.

Another bike tour or two would be to my liking, but nothing is planned at this point.

That’s where I stand, what are your big biking plans for 2012?


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