Historic Route 66 Bike Trail

20 Apr

WEB-route66-240pixThe plan to create a 90 mile bicycle trail on Route 66 came a step closer to becoming reality yesterday when the Oklahoma Senate passed the bill unanimously.

The bill, HB 2049,  was introduced by Rep. Lewis Moore and co-sponsored by Sen. Andrew Rice.  It will now have to go back to the House for reconciliation.  It is expected to pass the House and will then need to be signed by Governor Fallin.

If signed by the Governor, funds for the new bicycle trail (shoulder)  on Route 66 will need to be set aside by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for work to begin.  ODOT noted that there are already funds marked for shoulder improvements so that could be a start.  Donations are also expected to pay for part of the trail – hopefully some of the local corporations will make large donations.

This is legislation that has national interest, particularly from the Adventure Cycling Association and U.S. Bicycle Route System.

This is great news not only for cyclists, but for anyone who has an interest in seeing tourism expand in Oklahoma.  The Route 66 Bike Trail would bring hundreds if not thousands, of people pedaling their way from Sapulpa to Edmond, OK.  Those cyclists will spend their dollars in all the little and not so little communities along the way – communities that need and are hopefully eager to reap the benefits the Trail would bring.

One Response to “Historic Route 66 Bike Trail”

  1. Sue April 20, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    Great news. Will keep my fingers crossed for you all!

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