Hot and Windy

19 Jun

The hot weather – temps over 100 – started early this year. Sad smile

It isn’t even officially summer and yet we’ve had several days of highs in the low to mid – 100’s. 

And the wind. UGH. High winds to blow that hot air around.  I can certainly understand how the dust bowl happened.  Thank goodness for those few heavy rains we had last month. 

What do do when it is too hot and windy to ride?  Now days I’m swimming.  I swam .5 miles today in 33 minutes. I’ve swam every day this week and can see some progress in my stroke and breathing. 

Haven’t registered for the Redman Half Aquabike but am leaning that way.  I have roughly 3 months to get my swimming up to the 1.2 mile distance. 

Because of my rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder I’ve been building slowly on my distance and continue to ice my shoulder after each swim.

I have to practice swimming in a lake since Redman is a open water swim (ows) in Lake Hefner.  Open water swims are much more difficult than pool swims, so before too long I have to take to the lake.

Any swimmers out there?

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