14 Apr


This graphic from Pinterest/Pro Bike Roma caught my eye this morning.

As someone participating in the #30daysofbiking challenge (all except for day 1, April 1st – because I forgot – April fool on me!) for another year, and understanding how it serves to kick into high gear my biking season, I can only imagine how much my fitness, well-being, biking prowess, etc., would improve if my “season” ran 365 days!

As I was setting my goals for 2015 late last year, I thought about committing to riding every day but wimped out. Even when just considering the times when I’m away, with no bike available, I knew it was highly unlikely I could ride every single day. I wish I’d said “so what”. Even if I was successful only 90% or 75% of the time I would be way ahead of where I am now.

Which leads me to think, suppose I just continue my April #30daysofbiking challenge to May, and maybe June or God help me through December?! I know I wouldn’t ride every single day, things come up, but how about a year when I rode more days than not?

Sounds like a good year.

Ride Every Day.

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