It’s Never Too Late

21 Jun

It’s never too late to be what you might have been or to learn how to ride a bike.

From the NY Times: 

A Goal Met Before Age 50, and No Training Wheels!


“On a recent Sunday morning, Bruce Mauro let his girlfriend and two daughters assume he was heading out for his usual routine of playing the organ at church. Instead, he was taking care of some unfinished childhood business: he was learning to ride a bike.

“It’s the first secret I ever kept from them,” said Mr. Mauro, a music teacher and an organist who is turning 50 in September. “Basically when you get to 50 and you can’t do something, there’s that negativity. Part of my not telling them was ‘What if I fail at this?’ ”

Mr. Mauro, a bear-chested man dressed in sweat pants and an oversize bright yellow T-shirt, joined 15 other seemingly fearless New Yorkers who had also never learned to ride.

That morning, under overcast skies, the mildly sloping blacktop at Brooklyn Bridge Park felt heavy with apprehension as teachers from the nonprofit Bike New York doled out bicycles and helmets and explained the basics of balancing and then riding. The students tightly gripped their handlebars and silently tried to follow. The only sounds that could be heard were the “click, click, clicks” of spinning wheels, the chirps of encouragement from instructors and the sporadic joyful yelps when students started to make their first shaky journeys across the road.

“This is actually more gratifying because they have so much baggage,” said one instructor, Kenneth J. Podziba, the president of Bike New York, which has taught about 2,100 adults in the last four years.”

Read the rest of the story here.


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