KATY Trail 2011 – Day 1

16 May

We began the day in Sedalia, MO and finished in Boonville – 36 miles later.

A great day of riding but a hard day too. Tough miles.

Riding on crushed limestone with 22 pounds of gear on the bike isn’t easy – enjoyable and fun – yes – but difficult riding and tiring.  My piriformis muscle and IT band have complained all day.  I had the piriformis pain before the ride, but the pedaling is definitely aggravating it.

The trail is softer than last year, probably because of recent rains, and more difficult to handle with a loaded bike.  I expected it to be harder going carrying our “stuff” but it was actually tougher than expected. The short distances on pavement were a marked contrast, easy pedaling, and felt like someone was pushing us along-a welcome relief. Mark commented at one point that he longed for concrete!  Our son-in-law Tyler, who is a professor at Oklahoma State University – and whose specialty is concrete – would be proud!

All the pain and difficulty aside, it was a perfect springtime day and a great ride. The wildflowers are out as were the indigo buntings and blue birds. The KATY is an amazing park, and just a great place to ride.

We are staying in quite the nice – and quaint Hotel Frederick, a beautiful old hotel with unique rooms. Dinner at the Blind Ref and now back in relaxing and soothing our tired muscles.

By the way, I am typing and uploading each day’s KT post from my Samsung phone – thank goodness for swype.



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