KATY Trail 2011 -Day 4

19 May

Today was the kind of day on the bike that pushes you beyond your usual limits. This is not a day I would have chosen to ride – but ride we did.

And right now I’m glad we did. Even during the ride/slog I knew I would finish the ride out, although we could have called for a shuttle and if it had been lightening we would have.

It was miserable at times! Really miserable. The trail was like quick sand in many places and balance was difficult not to mention just pedaling. My left quad continues to hurt and the cold rain made it worse. But enough about that, suffice to say – for a day spent riding the bike – it was pretty bad.

I’m glad we finished the day and the 36 mile journey.

Flirt male


image2011-05-19 12.49.53
image2011-05-20 09.56.40
image2011-05-19 12.52.11

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