Product Review: Monkeysee Harness

19 Dec

Recently I received my first product to do a review of – the Monkeysee Reflective Harness.


The monkeysee harness is just the type of product anyone can use – whether you’re walking, riding a bike, running or whatever. In my quest to be as visible as possible to drivers when I’m riding the harness works well and is a snap to put on. It also comes in a variety of colors, all of which are reflective.

monkeysee harness

The harness is extremely lightweight and easily goes over whatever you happen to be wearing. I have a reflective vest and jacket, but I don’t wear them every time I ride. The monkeysee harness is such that I can keep it in my bike trunk or jersey pocket and quickly put it on. This time of year with the gray overcast days, the harness can easily be worn to make you more visible during the day too.

Before I received it I envisioned I would only wear it when biking in the evenings, but I will also wear it when I walk or run at night – or on those overcast days. It’s easy to put on, comfortable (doesn’t bind) and easy to adjust. It comes in small, medium and large and fits true to size.

I see the monkeysee harness as another tool to keep me as safe as possible – remember you can’t be too visible!

Watch this video to see the harness in action. For more information about ordering visit the monkeysee website at: Check out the other products they have available to increase your visibility.



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