My Other Bike

30 Oct

For the last several months, I’ve ignored my other bike, a 2010 Jamis Aurora Elite, named Condor after Anne Mustoe’s bike. 

The last time I rode her for any significant miles, was our ride across Missouri on the Katy Trail.

To make up for my lack of attention I cleaned, lubed and polished her.  She looks beautiful again.  I love the frame, 631 Reynolds steel, and the color, Blue Smoke.  Reminiscent of some of the classic steel frames of the late 80’s/early 90’s, it reminded me of my first road bike, a 1987 Trek 560 Pro Series.

picture of my old trek560

I bought her in early 1992 for $200.00.  She was a tad small for me, but in pristine condition – and much cheaper than I could buy anything comparable to her (Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano 105, nice wheels).  Plus, I had been riding a Schwinn Hybrid and as my rides got longer, the more I longed for a road bike.

87 Trek

I loved riding my Trek, putting lots of miles on her until June 5, 1995 when an idiot kid that had just had her drivers license for two weeks ran a stop sign and hit me/her.  The girl’s insurance company paid to replace my bike (considered her totaled).  That was an ordeal since I had only paid $200 for my Trek, they wanted to give me $200 towards replacement.  I fought them explaining I should get a bike with comparable frame and components and ended up getting $1500 replacement cost towards a new one.

Condor reminds me of my Trek, different color blue, but quality steel frame.  Nice and smooth ride.  Beautiful.



2 Responses to “My Other Bike”

  1. Jeremy October 31, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    I enjoy reading your blog and share your passion for riding (and writing a blog about it).

    I’ve also been fortunate to own a 1987 Trek 560 – which happens to be one that I purchased new as a young cyclist in high school. It’s sad to read about your bike’s demise, but I’m curious to learn about its replacement. $1500 in 1995 would have yielded a rather nice, high-end machine.

    My most recent outing with my Trek 560 was a 40+ mile tour in St. Paul, MN – called the St Paul Classic. Here’s my write-up, if you’d like to see it in action and bring back some memories of your old bike:

    • Susan October 31, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

      Jeremy, So glad you saw my post and commented. I loved seeing the pics of your Trek, brought back lots of memories. Such a nice bike, I miss mine. I just wish I had kept the frame/fork, it probably could have been repaired.

      Minneapolis/St. Paul area is an ideal place to ride from what I hear. I recall it was voted best place to bike this year. Granted, with the winters there, you probably get little time to ride once it gets cold.

      I agree about the feel of steel (steel is real as they say) and just like the basic simplicity and beauty of a steel frame. Was the 560 a lugged frame?

      For my $1500, I got a Giant Cadex cf/aluminum frameset with Shimano Ultegra components. I rode it until I got my current road bike, Scott CR1 Pro (2005 with Campy Centaur). I use the Jamis for touring and my around town bike, the Giant I use on my trainer.

      Just a quick glance, but you have a nice blog, good posts and a lot of cool pictures. Cycling is definitely a passion and blogging about it has become something more than a hobby. What I’m not quite sure yet.

      Thanks again for your post and the pics of your Trek!

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