New Challenge

17 Jun

I’m considering doing something I’ve never done before…..  the half Aquabike event at this year’s RedmanThe Redman is a full distance and half distance triathlon – basically like the Ironman – same type events – same distances, just different name because Ironman (IM) owns the name IM. The half Aquabike is a 1.2 mile swim and a 56 mile bike race. Not only have I never done the Redman – I’ve never done any triathlon event!

Why the Redman? For one thing, it’s on my birthday!  For another, as my husband reminded me, I’ve talked about doing something like this for years. Being that it is on my birthday this year – it seems meant to be.

I’m testing out the water both literally and figuratively before registering to see if I am capable of doing the swim. My shoulders are less than good, my left has been repaired from a complete tear of the rotator cuff (2004) and although it doesn’t hurt, my range of motion is less than it should be.  The rotator cuff in my right shoulder has a tear, partial, that I’ve rehab’d (somewhat) to avoid surgery.  It does okay for me day to day, I’m testing it now swimming 2 x day to see how it responds to freestyle swimming.  I ice it after each workout and thus far it’s okay.  It’s just been a few days so too early to tell.

I honestly can’t imagine swimming that far… I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that it scares me.  If I do it I may have lettering on my swim cap that says “save me first”!

Anyone have any experience with triathlon events that can offer any tips or words of wisdom?

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