New Year – Looking Back

2 Jan


At the beginning of a new year, I can’t help but look back… at the same time I focus on what lies ahead. 

No, not while I’m riding.  😉

As I think about my plans and goals for 2011, I look back at the goals I made for 2010 – and feel a little smug about the ones I accomplished (8), a little sheepish about the ones I didn’t (3), and something in between for the goals I partially completed (4).

One thing I like about blogging is it gives me a record of the year.  With my memory, I need it!  I love all the posts about our bike tours (Katy Trail and Vermont – Quebec City), they allow me to go back and relive the trips.

I also like the plethora of posts I did on the 2010 Tour de France

Thirty-four posts to be exact. 

For every day of the Tour, including both rest days, I did at least 1 post, and most days, 2.  We’re not talking short posts either; for each stage of the Tour (21 stages – 20 stage races + a prologue race) I wrote a detailed recap of what transpired and my own analysis of it.

For Tour novices I wrote a Tour de France Primer to serve as a guide for understanding the Tour, and bike racing in general.

Why?  Because I love the Tour.  For 3 weeks in July my life is the Tour and riding my bike.  Yep, July is one of my favorite months.  Bike ride in the morning – Tour in the afternoon and evening.  Food in between.  It’s a good life.

If you are interested, you can peruse a summary of my Tour posts here.

I’ll get back to 2011 later…

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