Remembering Alan & Clyde

17 Jul


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A year ago this weekend, Alan Spencer and Clyde Riggs were killed on consecutive days, doing the same thing that many of us do on weekend mornings – riding their bikes.

There was a memorial ride yesterday to honor both men. We weren’t able to attend, but after our bike ride this morning we visited both Ghost Bikes to pay our respects.

The tragedy of their deaths changed the way many local people ride, I believe, and I continue to see evidence that most importantly it changed the way motorists drive and interact with cyclists.

Their deaths initially took me off the road for several weeks.  Once I was back on the road riding, I did so with a mirror and the brightest flashing red light I’ve been able to find. I ride with the blinking light every time I ride regardless of the time of day. I can’t imagine riding without both things now.

It reinforced the importance of adhering to traffic law, riding predictably and riding defensively – always. I never assume a driver sees me either.

Their tragic deaths got the attention of lawmakers, motorists and cyclists alike. Bicycle safety lawswere strengthened and more attention focused on bicyclist safety as a whole. Their deaths were a horrible tragedy, but some good has come from it at least.

Rest in Peace Alan Spencer and Clyde Riggs. My heart goes out to their friends and families.

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