6 Dec

I hate running! It hurts, it gets my heart rate up much higher than cycling ever does, it’s jarring. I hate it.

So, today I ran three miles. Three painful, slow miles. But, I did it.

Feeling like I do about running (HATE it), you might be wondering why I did it – good question.

Here’s why:

Running is supposed to be great cross-training for a cyclist.

Running is a relatively quick way (compared to cycling) to get an intense workout in.

Running builds bone density which at my age I need.

I’m considering doing the Redman Half Ironman next September, which unlike the Aquabike event will require me to run.

It’s cold outside and I’m too big of a wimp to ride.

I’m looking into Chi running and Pose running? Anyone know anything about it or any other method that turns a non-runner into a passable runner?

Tomorrow I’ll ride the trainer. Dislike that slightly less than running. Sigh.

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