Santa Brings Socks

14 Dec

I won 10 pairs of socks!!  Ten pairs of Coolmax EcoMade socks – which I found out are made almost entirely from ground up plastic bottles.   So they are not only good for my feet, but good for the environment too.  I like to do my part.

I’m a fan of Adventure Cycling Association on Facebook, last week they posted a question asking readers how we feed our cycling bug during the winter months.  To enter, you just had to post a comment.   So I did, and lucky for me, I won.



As far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many socks.  Between the closet and dryer trolls, and my own toughness on socks (seriously hard on socks) I always need socks.  Especially the kind of socks that I wear biking or running.  And thanks to Adventure Cycling, I don’t think I will run out any time soon.

Now, if they just make me want to train indoors I will have it made.

Who me?

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