Sharing Your Story

5 Oct

For the Love of Bikes began out of a love of any and all things bike related and a desire to connect with others who shared that love. [Disclaimer: no love for flat tires, accidents of any kind or mechanical problems.]

That connection has come from your comments left on various blog posts here over the years and an occasional guest post.  We’ve heard a number of great stories about how you started biking again and why you still ride. Stories about health problems, personal events, or people that have propelled you to get back on the bike and ride.

It is our belief that there are many interesting stories among readers: whether it’s when you first started riding, started riding again, or why you still ride – FTLOB would love to read and share them.

To that end FTLOB has added a page entitled Your Story. Please visit Your Story and share your stories by leaving a comment on the page. Include as much information as you’re comfortable with. Continue to check back to see what we hope will be many personal stories centered around the love of bikes.


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