How Slow Can You Go

9 May


Slow, as in slow bicycling.  2010-10-16-075_SanFranciscoRideBikeBeHappy_preview

Slow, as in slow travel.

Yesterday we took a

s – l – o  – w 

and leisurely ride through town, through neighborhoods, parks, around the arts festival downtown, to breakfast at Java Dave’s and then home.

On our slower, heavier, more comfortable, steel-is-real touring bikes. 

I’m happy to report an average speed of 9.4 for our 22 mile “Sunday drive” kind of ride. 

No heart rate monitor either.  No training, no goal – no nothing – other than enjoyment and fun.

I was reminded of something too, reacquainted with my bike as a means of freedom and exploring.  And basic transportation.

Like we rode when we were kids.

It’s a good way to ride, and I plan to do more of it.  Will do more of it.

Next time I’ll hopefully be even slower.

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