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16 Sep

~Traveling by Bike from Burlington, Vermont to Quebec City, CA~

Late last year, the Hubs and I started talking/looking into a bike vacation.  We had planned a bike tour to the Cape Ann area in Massachusetts, but Mark’s appendix decided it had to come out a couple of weeks before we were to leave, so we had to cancel.  
We wanted a bike tour that offered daily rides on average of about 50 miles, plus we wanted a trip that was in a beautiful part of the country and on good roads (light traffic) – didn’t seem like too much to ask – Ha.  
We found two tours that appealed to us.  The first was a tour on the Katy Trail in Missouri that would allow us to ride across the state, on trail – no cars/trucks – but with someone to transport our "stuff" daily, plus take care of lodging, etc.  We decided to do that tour in May, before school was out and temps got too warm.  The Katy Trail trip was everything and more we had hoped for.  For more information about it, read my Katy Trail trip report.
There was another bike tour that caught our eye, a bike tour which would take riders from Burlington, VT to Quebec City, Canada.  There were mileage options on most days, but if the maximum miles offered were ridden, it would be about a 350 mile trip.
The description said it was mostly flat and on lightly traveled roads.  Beautiful scenery, good roads, small groups and a part of the U.S. and Canada neither of us had ever been – sounded perfect.  The trip was filling up so we had to make a quick decision – we did, we booked it in January, anticipating/hoping that all would be well for a bike tour in late August/early September.  Mark’s appendix was already out so no worries!
Vermont – Quebec City Bike Tour:
We flew into Manchester, NH on Southwest – that was as close to Vermont as we could get on Southwest (free tickets).  We flew there on Friday, August 27, 2010 spent the night in Concord, NH, then drove the next morning to Burlington.

We arrived in Burlington the same day, and time it seemed, as hoards of freshman college kids.  Bad timing.  Once we made it to our B & B, One of a Kind B & B ,we decided we would walk to dinner, no more traffic jams for us, thank you.  Plus, I seemed to be coming down with the same virus that Mark had just recovered from – sore throat, headache, upset stomach… so I wanted to rest and continue to chugalug Airbornne.

Burlington is beautiful, it reminded me of Austin (must be the college kids), only it was prettier, greener, hillier and had the humongous Lake Champlain.  I’d love to go back during the summer, before freshman orientation.


We decided not to let the beautiful view we had go to waste, so had dinner in the garden at the B & B and watched the sun go down.


We woke up early Sunday morning and I felt worse.  Today was D-day or R-day for Ride, so I couldn’t be sick.  More Airbornne, plus a perfect breakfast by Maggie, and we were off to meet our fellow sojourners.

More bike tour success with our Vermont to Quebec City bike tour. Different than the Katy Trail trip, but like it in that the Quebec tour exceeded any and all hopes/expectations we allowed ourselves to have.

Read about it ~ Sojourners by Bike – Day One 

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