Sunday Ride

20 Feb

Yesterday afternoon we headed out on our thirty mile route to the east because the wind was to switch to east-southeast and we always like to have the wind at our backs on the way back.

It was another nice day, winter beats summer in these parts by a long shot – at least this winter (and last summer).

We had a rider join us and since he was from out of town and not quite sure where to head we asked him to join us. It turns out he is a truck driver who rides a bike every chance he gets. In his case 4-5 times a week.

He’s even modified his truck to make room for his bike. When it’s raining he sets up the trainer in his truck and rides while he watches reruns of the Tour de France.

In other words Fred is one of us. He loves his bikes and loves riding and makes time for it whenever and however he can.

Fred was a nice guy and we enjoyed talking to him and riding with him for the two hours we were out there. Interestingly he doesn’t have a bike computer so has no idea how far he rides. I like that. I don’t do it myself, but I like that he cares more about the experience than he does the miles.

It’s good to be reminded that it’s the riding not the miles that count.


Day 51

Mark and Fred ahead of me on Westminster Rd.

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