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My Other Bike

30 Oct


For the last several months, I’ve ignored my other bike, a 2010 Jamis Aurora Elite, named Condor after Anne Mustoe’s bike. 

The last time I rode her for any significant miles, was our ride across Missouri on the Katy Trail.

To make up for my lack of attention I cleaned, lubed and polished her.  She looks beautiful again.  I love the frame, 631 Reynolds steel, and the color, Blue Smoke.  Reminiscent of some of the classic steel frames of the late 80’s/early 90’s, it reminded me of my first road bike, a 1987 Trek 560 Pro Series.

picture of my old trek560

I bought her in early 1992 for $200.00.  She was a tad small for me, but in pristine condition – and much cheaper than I could buy anything comparable to her (Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano 105, nice wheels).  Plus, I had been riding a Schwinn Hybrid and as my rides got longer, the more I longed for a road bike.

87 Trek

I loved riding my Trek, putting lots of miles on her until June 5, 1995 when an idiot kid that had just had her drivers license for two weeks ran a stop sign and hit me/her.  The girl’s insurance company paid to replace my bike (considered her totaled).  That was an ordeal since I had only paid $200 for my Trek, they wanted to give me $200 towards replacement.  I fought them explaining I should get a bike with comparable frame and components and ended up getting $1500 replacement cost towards a new one.

Condor reminds me of my Trek, different color blue, but quality steel frame.  Nice and smooth ride.  Beautiful.


My Main Squeeze

28 Jul

My Main Squeeze

Okay, Mark is my main squeeze,
 but my main bike is my 2005 Scott CR1 Pro.

My Scott is the most expensive bike I have ever owned – also the best bike I’ve ever owned.  I got a great deal on Ebay.  It was a scary proposition buying a bike on Ebay, but it worked out as promised (a basically new bike with few miles owned by someone that the bike didn’t quite fit).  Thankfully, Rocket fit me perfectly and enabled me to get a good quality bike for the $$ I wanted to spend.

Did you say you would like to see pictures of her?

Look at that beautiful carbon fiber frame. 

I just read an article about one of the bikes used at the Tour – a bike that cost upwards of $15,000!  Can you imagine – me either!

Check out the bike:  Trying out a £10,000 Tour de France dream machine

Ready to Roll

5 May

Ready to Roll

Condor and I are ready for the Katy Trail.


I have had a helluva time to say the least getting my fit on the bike dialed in just right.  Condor fits me, in that I bought the right size frame, but there are several different positions you have to get just right or you will suffer.  Only so much suffering is allowed in bike riding, unless you get paid to ride.

Long story, but won’t bore you with details that wouldn’t make any sense anyway.  Saddle change was the crux of the problem,  but after numerous adjustments I think we are good (she said hopefully with fingers crossed).

I changed out the stock saddle to a legendary Brooks Saddle.  The B17S to be exact.  Condor is just the type of bike that a Brooks was made for.  Plus, after learning about *Anne Mustoe and reading her books about her legendary bike tours and the comfort of a Brooks, I had to have one.

Looks like a classic doesn’t it.  I think it’s beautiful.

You know what though, the truth is that it feels like I am sitting on a board.  A seriously hard board.

The idea with a Brooks is you have to break them in… guess what you break them in with?  You guessed it, your butt.  Actually my butt.  I’ve been told by various Brooks owners, (a club for people that can endure pain I’m thinking) that it takes anywhere from 100 to 1000 miles to “break them in”.  I think they mean, break me in.  Sigh.

But, being the woman I am, and liking the looks and functionality of a Brooks, I’m sticking with it.  At least for now.

I am so committed to my Brooks, (you’re probably thinking I need to be committed) I will be sitting atop her while I ride Condor all across Missouri (could be come to known as Misery) along the Katy Trail.

I did my final tweaking (until I need to tweak again) of the Brooks today.  We are good to go.

Wish me luck.

*Anne Mustoe’s bike was named Condor, in honor of her I named my touring bike Condor.

I Brought My New Baby Home Today!

13 Mar

I Brought My New Baby Home Today!

Meet my new bike! She’s beautiful, isn’t she! She is a 2010 Jamis Aurora Elite Touring bike with disc brakes, 27 gears, fenders, racks and a beautiful steel frame made of 631 Reynolds steel, color Blue Smoke. Ahhh… does that do for you what it does for me? I didn’t think so.

Since I’m sure you’re probably dying to know more about her, follow this link: The Sweet Aurora Elite.

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