Here’s to 22

30 May

Three days – three rides.  Nothing intense or long just commute type rides and a ride around the neighborhood on my touring bike Condor, named after one of my heroes – Anne Mustoe’s bike

My position on Condor needed tweaking, I felt too stretched out.  The frame is a little large for me, the smaller size down was too small – the Goldilocks syndrome.  Unfortunately the “just right” is probably a custom frame which I might actually spring for in the not-too-distant future.  I do love this bike though, she’s steel and pretty and a nice bike.  I just wish she was a little shorter in her top tube.


Nice weekend and nice rides, albeit windy ones. Oklahoma has to be one of the windiest places on earth.  Which is why I get so excited when we have those all too rare light/no wind days and mild temps.

Tomorrow the winds are supposed to come down and I hope to get out for a ride

I enjoyed commemorating my 21 year bicycling anniversary with my 3 little rides and 2 posts here .  It’s nice to reflect back don’t you think?  I always have a thought or two or ten about how different my life would be if I hadn’t rediscovered cycling as an adult.  So glad I did!  Still hope to hear from more of you on how you got back on the bike as an adult or on it for the first time. 

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and a chance or two to ride.

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