Threatening Rain

28 Apr

Today’s bike ride looked like it might not happen. As we were ready to leave, a quick look outside showed dark clouds. A quick check of the radar showed nothing so off we went.

The whole day was like that! Cloudy, with dark looking thunder clouds in the vicinity but no rain.

What we did have was calm wind, overcast sky and mild temperatures – oh, and high humidity, but nothing is perfect.

The ride was a nice one, 55 miles, which gives me 135 for the week. Not bad and the skies cleared up toward the end.

2012-04-28 14.02.21b

Hope the weather is cooperating with you so you can ride. I’m uploading rides to Endomondo to participate in the National Bike Challenge. Consider joining the team, “All for the Love of Bikes”.

Today’s ride:  NBC 04/28/12

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