Tidying Up

9 Jan

I decided to actually do it instead of just talk, or make that write, about it. Truthfully I did both, I mentioned in a post last year that I wanted to make changes to the blog and have been working on them since last month. I’m slow, but persistent.

That describes me on the bike too, come to think of it.

I’ve been cleaning things up here and also making a few changes to the Facebook page. I’m probably not done. Once I start to tinker and change things up it’s hard for me to stop. Hard to start, hard to stop. Not to be redundant, but that also fits me on the bike: sometimes it’s hard to get dressed and go but once I’m riding I’m rarely ready to stop when I need to. Are you like that?

Here are a couple of new logos:

Dutch bike logo 1 



AR Bonnie fiverr logo 8

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