To the Mayor and City Council

13 Nov

I have posted letters and comments in the past about decisions and actions by government officials I did not agree with, it’s only fair I post this letter Mark and I sent complementing Oklahoma City officials on the recent signage installed on city streets designated as local bike routes.  

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council Members:

We are writing to let you know how much we appreciate the new bike route signage currently being installed in Oklahoma City – especially the “Bicycles Use Full Lane” and “Change Lanes to Pass” signs.

These signs will serve to alert motorists that they should expect to see bicyclists on the road and will enhance the safety of not only the bicyclists, but everyone who utilizes those roads.

It is impressive to see the progress that Oklahoma City has made recently toward becoming more competitive with surrounding municipalities in tourism and attracting new businesses.  The installation of this bike route signage to increase the safety and recreation options of bicyclists fits well with the other improvements being made to enhance Oklahoma City.

In light of the recent multiple bicyclist’s deaths in Oklahoma City, this new signage takes on even more importance as it serves not only to mark designated bike routes but to also educate both cyclists and motorists in safe driving practices and applicable laws.

We are sure you are aware of the act of vandalism last month where a motorist ran down a number of the newly installed signs on Hefner Road.  We would assume that there may also be a minority of motorists who dislike seeing bicyclists on the road and possibly even object to the signage being installed.

However, we can assure you that all bicyclists, and their families, are very supportive of the signage and appreciate your efforts in this project.  We would also assume that nearly all motorists would prefer to see signage making them aware of the fact that there could be bicyclists on the road, than to risk having an accident because they weren’t aware of that possibility.

Thank you again for your efforts in making Oklahoma City a better and safer place for all its citizens.  We look forward to seeing this project continue until all roads on designated bike routes in Oklahoma City have this signage installed.


Mark & Susan Lash

One Response to “To the Mayor and City Council”

  1. Fred Richard November 23, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    Great letter! Much more positive than mine. ;o)

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